Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I had such a happy month of October. It was month of stash busting and I am soo happy about it. I will share some of projects I did last month. 

 First of all this project bag which was something i needed. I was relying on plastic cover for carrying  my project here which was not cool. With some leftover laura knitting cotton which I wanted to finish off  I whipped up this bag and it came up pretty well and colourful.
For the bag base I followed this pattern , rest of it is inspired from Lucy's bag  but hdc's through out.I loved the way it turned out and is putting good use of it now. You see the pretty flowers on the handles?

Then I made these holiday themed mats with Laura knitting cotton again. The pattern is just dc round and scallop edging. I havent planned much for this holiday season except for some snowflakes. But who knows??

I changed wall decor from Summer to Autumn with this Mandalas and to finish off some leftover yarns.I made up this mandala on the go and dint follow any pattern. In Ravelry my friends started a Mandala cal and I am joining it.

Then there is my large pineapple doily which I am not able to finish as I ran out of thread. I just have 2 more rounds to go but cant help it. The thread was a gift from a friend n now i have to search for it. The doily is big and beautiful but I feel the  pending rounds give more beauty and character to it.

These are my major craft works in October. It was a beautiful month otherwise too. Autumn started and I am so much in love with colours of nature.
So until next time
Take care

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  1. lovely colorful creations!! The doily looks complete as it is :)

  2. Beautiful projects Ninu. You cannot say it as an unfinished doily. It looks complete as preeti said. Mandala looks pretty on the walls.

  3. The colors have created mesmerism. I love crochet, due to time constraint I'm not able to work on crochet projects. Your works are inspiring me to start again.

  4. Beautiful projects. The bag is very pretty.


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