Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sunburst Cushion

Hey all,
So my second cushion is ready!its more of warm tones, perfect for Autumn!. This was also a stash buster project where I again chose the colours randomly. I had a feeling that using off white will make it subtle n beautiful and after finishing the cushion i felt it right.

I wanted circle in a square  and just used the pattern that i queued in ravelry. The pattern is very good and if you use different colours it will be a stunner. I was not in that mood to mix up colours and I did not have that much coordinating colours too.

The back side is traditional granny square. After crochet and joining front and back side I gave single crochet with picot edging all around and it gives this cushion cover a definition. I think doing a border is always a good thing. The buttons are selected from my collection itself . I asked my little bee to choose pink and green buttons from the big-small dubba and she loved that process. Now she shows up the buttons on these cushion every time. Her little credit!

Project Details:
Pattern: Sunburst Granny
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK  in colours Lime,Tomato,Shrimp
          Nako Prilanta in offwhite.Hook: 4mm
Size: 15" x 15"

Now my acrylic yarn stash is used up mostly. I have mostly scrap yarns now. Now I have started up using cotton by making flowers mostly. I'vent started any other thing so far. Many plans are there but nothing decided. Next post probably will be about the handmades I sell,
So see you soon
Take care

Friday, 12 February 2016

Pom Pom decor

Pinterest is really addictive! When I am really bored I open it and you never know where time went! I have pinned so many interesting things there and never bothered to try anything. These days I am cleaning up my stash and there were a few colours of scrap yarns and I wanted to use those. I thought of wrapping bottle with those but then I tried that for Christmas(which I haven't posted here). Then this pom pom decor idea came to my mind.


I started making pom poms with these blues and greys, its really therapeutic. I used finger method for some and fork for some. The ones with fork came out pretty neat , but wrapping over finger was easier.

I made small garlands also with pom poms. We moved to this house 8 months before and I haven't done much decor other than Christmas. It was all plain and after Christmas I felt it quite boring. I don't want to buy new things coz we never know when we have to move back to Bangalore. So recycling works the best!

The vase is old jam jar wrapped with jute yarn and decorated with a few mulberry flowers.  The book rack top was bare all this time . And this adds a bit of charm there.With a few candles nearby it looks nice. What do you think?
Edited to add : these are skewers where pom poms are sticked.

I am clipping some family pics on the lights and that corner is complete. I am so in love with this thing. Now thinking of what to make next. The week passed quite quickly and this is the only craft thing I completed this week. There are a few things I started, hope to finish all those soon.
Till next time
Take care

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Something yellow

This pattern is one among my favourite. I started many a projects in this pattern and never able to finish a single one. This year , I have decided to use up all/half of yarn I have collected before buying anything new. Its going to be two months and I still stick to what I decided though tempted to buy many a times. This project I started as a stash buster.

One fine day I just started making yellow flowers , I was not sure if I could complete this cushion , but then that evening I completed all squares. Then I ran out of yellow(mission accomplished evil grin) and took  green just like that to join the squares. And I believe it worked beautifully!

Third day I started with the back side of pillow which is good ol' granny square. And then I had to wait for right buttons which I bought last week. I really feel the different patterned buttons give a rustic look to the whole thing.

I usually work with cotton yarn for my pillows, but this yarn though its acrylic, gives a really good finish. I was not sure if this colours would work, sometimes things work beautifully than we ever imagine , you just have to give it a go!

Project Details:
Pattern: Something pretty
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK  in colours Silver, Citron, Meadow
Hook: 4mm
Size: 15" x 15"

Till next time

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

World's largest crochet Blanket

Hey friends,

One month down in 2016 and I feel it went superfast! The first month brought so much happiness and a Guinness record for which I am part of .The record is for the Worlds largest crochet blanket which is 11148sqmt.It is on the name of the group 'Mother India's Crochet Queens'.

Its surely a proud moment and I really appreciate everyone who took part in this mission and admire the leaders who coordinated  really hard on this. They did a commendable work. The blanket is really huge and here is a view of it.

All ladies crocheted 4 ft crochet blankets and later joined to make this big giant. The event was held in Chennai. The blanket is now divided into small little blankets and given to charity. I am so glad that i am also a part of it. The record is ours!
Meanwhile I am crocheting a cushion cover which is almost finished now, I want to take a picture outdoor to show it here. Dont know if that happens.anyway that will be my next post.
Till next time
Take Care