Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hydrangea Blanket

Hello everyone,
I do hope there are some readers who pass by this blog, thats what my blogger stats shows. Blogging has definitely taken a back seat and I cannot promise a regular update here. I am more active or alive on instagram and Facebook now. 

Last year I started my hydrangea themed crochet with a cushion cover(I am yet to update about that here), this year I took another step and made a blanket on the same theme. A blanket was in my to-do list for sometime and in my this years goals. I am so happy that I achieved it and it came out beautifully well. 

These are the colours for my hydrangea blanket, I wanted more of blues and wanted to throw a summer kind  feeling to it. I love going to store and shop,to look,feel and admire, but here online shopping is more convenient. Still I managed a good job with the colours. It came out almost similar to what I had in my mind. Stylecraft special dk is my current favourite it has the most beautiful shades, super quality and good pricing. 

The pattern is granny stripe from attic24 which is a very neat and easy one and grows beautifully. The border is fairly simple with a few sc's and hdc's all around.

This is the most beautiful project I did in such a long time, I never had the courage to take up a big project after last year's spring blanket, which took many months to finish and I was tired after completing it. But this time it went nicely and it was done in 3 weeks time and I enjoyed the whole process right from the start.

Project Details:
Pattern: Granny Stripes

Yarn:Stylecraft Special DK in colours Sherbet,Cloud Blue, Aster, Bluebell, Lavender, Wisteria,Clematis,Plum, Pistachio ( I bought 200gms of each colour and there are some leftovers,I used plum and pistachio lesser than other colours)


Size : 72" x 54"

So hope you all enjoyed my latest creation. I had so much fun making it. So till next time 
Take care

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  1. Congrats on completing the beautiful blanket ! Lovely colors:)


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